After struggling mightlly since his return, Tiger Woods looked like the guy who has dominated golf the past decade in shooting an opening round 65 at the Barclays….

Maybe all he needed was to finalize his divorce….

Sure, he’s out $350M, but now he’s free to go out and bang all the chicks he wants; without fear of geting caught by his wife….

As Howard Stern once said “Why is divorce so expensive? Because it’s worth it.”….

We can ridicule Tiger all we want and delight in his demise, but it’s great for golf when he’s winning and the game desperately needs him….

When El Tigre is in the hunt on Sunday afternoon, I’m tuned in. When he’s not, I change the channel….

The collection of robotic, politically correct, play-for-second-place bores on the tour are killing the ratings and God bless Tiger and his return….

After being denied a boxing license in California, Antonio Margarito was approved by the Texas Athletic Commission and will face Manny Pacquiao for the 154 lb. belt on November 13 at Cowboys Stadium….

Interesting matchup, because over a year ago Freddie Roach said the following when I asked him if Pacman would ever fight Margarito at 147 lbs: “I’m brave, but not that brave,” replied Roach….

Now, almost two years later, Manny is not only getting into the ring with the Tijuana Tornado, he’s doing it at a career high 154 lbs….

Two years ago, Antonio would have been around a 5-1 favorite; now he’ll be a 5-1 dog. Funny what getting caught cheating can do to you….

Even though the fight will be at Junior Middleweight, I like Pacquiao to stop Margarito: Too quick, too young and better boxing skill….

Margarito used to be a killer, but after getting exposed for loading his gloves his career as an elite fighter are over….

With the news that the Big Ten might break into two divisions, with Michigan and Ohio St. seperated, fans for both schools are outraged that they might not continue to play every year….

My reaction: Who the hell cares? Every year the game is a colossal bore, with two slow, unathletic, conservative teams taking turns running the ball. I’ve never given a damn about this game and could care less if they never play again….

Kind of like Michigan-Notre Dame, another annual snooze-fest….

Give me USC-Oregon or Oregon-Oregon St. any day….

Hell, I’d rather watch Boise St-Hawaii….

Notes on a Scorecard

I know hardly anyone in America gives a damn, but I’m looking forward to the FIBA World Basketball Championships, which take place in Turkey between August 28-September 12….

We have a good young team and are favored to win, primarily because Pau Gasol will not be playing for Spain, but we’re not nearly as good as the team which won gold in the 2008 Olympics….

This time there’s no LeBron, no D-Wade and no Kobe, so we’re going to have to play flawless basketball to win….

Three or four teams have a chance to win and I believe Brazil is the darkhorse….

I enjoy the international game, with the hexagon-shaoed three-second area, fast pace and brilliant outside shooting….

It also gives me a chance to see foreign players we don’t see much here; namely Ricky Rubio of Spain….

We squeaked out an 87-86 win over Spain in an exhibition over the weekend and have one final game against Greece before the Worlds begin….

Just finished watching the USA-Greece game and we were very impressive in the 87-59 victory. One thing which stood out was the abscence of Sofiklis Shortsanitis, the “Baby Shaq” of Europe….

He did not play, which gave them no chance of winning….

I also enjoy the round-robin format, with teams breoken up into several groups of four. Everyone in the group plays each other, with the top two advancing to the Round of 16. From that point on, it’s single elimination….

I like the fact you can survive a loss and still win, because often times a loss is due to officials incompetence. If you think NBA officials are bad, wait until you see these clowns calling the games in Turkey….

Every trip down the floor is an adventure….

It’s goint to be a fun two weeks….

For some reason, Elin Nordegren found it necessary to grant People magazine an interview; in which she expressed her feelings abou tTiger and her marraige ending….

I would have kept quiet and counted my $350M, but she found it necessary to talk….

She’s never been one to seek attention, so I guess she can have this one….

Let’s hope she doesn’t start doing reality shows and makes a fool out of herself; further embarrassing her family….


I know Andrew Bynum is putting up good numbers and has become one of the five best centers in the NBA, but in my opinion he’s lazy and developed a case of “Shaq-itis.”….

I know he’s getting 10 rebounds a game, but if he actually went after the ball and fought for position he could average 20….

Just like Shaq, Andrew gets rebounds only when the ball bounces right to him. Even though he has quick feet, good hands and is very athletic, he stands flat-footed and watches shots with his hands by his sides….

He also tends to start downcourt while the ball is in the air, hoping a teammate gets the rebound so he can get down the floor quickly for an easy score….

When a shot goes up, he needs to go hard to the glass, maybe put a spin move on his opponent, and fight for the ball. Instead, he loafs and gets the rebound if it’s easy….

This is unacceptable and the coaching staff needs to stay on top of him….

On offense, he has a tendency to keep his legs too straight and gets off balance when he spins to the basket. This prevents him from getting any lift; which is why he gets more shots blocked than any 7’1″ guy I’ve ever seen….

When this happens, he reminds me more of Kwame Brown than an emerging star….

He needs to do three things to be an unstoppable force in the post:

1) Bend his knees when he gets the ball, which would give him much better balance and control.

2) Develop a up-and-under move, a la Kevin McHale. A pump fake and finish would have defenders at his mercy.

3) Every time he gets the ball on the block and faces the basket, I think about how effective he’d be if he simply squared up and made a 10-foot bank shot. Tim Duncan has made a career of this and I can’t understand why more big men don’t use the glass when they’re down low. Andrew has a nice touch and with practice could make that bank shot in his sleep; thus giving the defense another thing to worry about.

But in the end it comes down to Andrew wanting to be great and working hard. Something I’m currently not seeing….

Bad news if you’re a fan of USC and hate Notre Dame, because reports are surfacing that Brian Kelly has been hired as coach of the Fighting Irish….

Kelly is an outstanding coach, turning around Central Michigan and this season leading Cincinnati to an undefeated season….

I love the way he runs the no-huddle, employs the two-minute drill for the entire game and attacks the end zone for 60 minutes. Early in the game against Pitt last week, the Bearcats Tony Pike threw for a touchdown and came off the field to an enraged Kelly. The coach was yelling “hurry up, what took you so long!” Evidently, Pike wasn’t getting his team to the line and snapping the ball quickly ebough for Kelly….

He is my kind of coach and I predict he’ll have Notre Dame in the national champinship hunt in a year or two….

I know the “experts” are saying the Irish are far away from being competitive and the loss of Golden Tate and Jimmy Clausen will kill them, but I disagree….

I know they lost their last four games and finished 6-6, but Notre Dame was really close to being good. Of their six losses, all were by a TD or less and they easily could have won all of them; putting them into the National Championship game….

Of course, their wins against Michigan St, Purdue, Washington and Boston College could have been losses; so they also could have gone 2-10….

My point is this; every one of their losses were heartbreakers they could have won, if only they were coached well. Their defense was terrible and Weis was certain to make poor decisions late in games….

With the right coach, this team would have won 10 games and been in a BCS bowl….

And Brian Kelly is the right coach….

After reading another Tiger Woods skank discuss their sex life, there is no doubt Elin Nordegren needs to divorce him….

It’s one thing to show weakness and cheat, quite another to fly these sluts in to have sex with him in his family home….

And with rumors of baby mommas, abortions, sex tapes, naked Playgirl photos and bribing these floozies not to talk, Elin can’t possibly stay in the marraige….

Two fellow PGA players blasted Tiger on Thursday, but also insinuated Elin married Tiger for his money. There were also reports earlier in the week that Nordegren was willing to stay with Eldrick if there was a “readjustment” to their pre-nup….

Originally it stated she would receive $20M if she stayed with him for 10 years, but she reportedly wanted it changed to an immediate $5M payout and then $75 million if the marraige lasted seven years….

If true, this makes her look like a mercinary and only in it for the cash….

And if she stays with him through all this, it’s a Bill & Hillary sham….

She needs to leave him right now, privately negotiate a huge settlement in exchange for not airing any dirty laundry and move on with her life….

No woman with any pride in herself would put up with this humiliation….

By the way, in my opinion there is no way Elin was in the dark about all this. She is very intelligent and had to have known about Tiger and his lifestyle before she married him….

Elin lived in Orlando and would have to be an idiot not to know Tiger prowled the local bars and pancake houses, looking for his next score. It’s not that big a town and word had to have gotten back her….

So let’s not sit with Oprah, cry your eyes out and claim to be “shocked” by your husband’s philandering. You knew what he was when you met him and still walked down the aisle….

Hillary Clinton lied through her teeth in her book, claiming to be “shocked” and “devastated” when she learned her husband cheated with Monica Lewinsky. Even though state troopers in Arkansas testified to Bubba’s wild sex life, Gennifer Flowers wrote a book about her affair with Bill and two others accused him of rape….

Yet Hillary knew nothing about any of it….

Hit the laugh track….

Dump Tiger now, Elin, or forever be known as a gold digging opportunist….

A guy who has to be terrified is Steve Williams, Tiger’s caddy. For years, Williams has made millions by being a glorified go-fer and if Elin stays in the marraige Williams will likely be out….

The flunky is saying he “knew nothing” about Tiger’s sex life, which is absurd. Evidently most of Tiger’s fellow players knew and we already know Team Tiger helped him arrange his sex romps….

If Woods somehow bribes Elin into staying married, Williams and everyone else will be s***-canned about as fast as Nordegren ran after Tiger with that nine-iron….

Hopefully Williams saved a lot of money, because he might be the luckiest man on earth. Imagine making that much money for carrying someone’s luggage….