After all the good games in the first three weeks of the NFL season, the field-position-play-it-safe-settle-for-field-goals NFL was back on Monday Night Football; with the Cowboys winning a dreadful game against the Redskins, 18-16….

Unfortunately I expected a football game and a soccer match broke out….

With nine field goals and only one TD, it was a vivid reminder of why college football is so much better than the NFL….

I’d go over the details, but I’m afraid the same thing would happen which occured in the third quarter; I’d fall asleep….

Fortunately HBO was showing the replay of the Victor Ortiz-Floyd Mayweather, which I still hadn’t seen….

After watching the fight, I came to the following conclusions: 1) While Ortiz is game and a nice kid, he doesn’t have a great deal of boxing skill and receiving a boxing lesson. 2) Mayweather tattooed him for four rounds and was winning easily. 3) Ortiz has horrible balance, keeps his feet too wide, is easy to hit and needs to fire his trainer and get a real professional in his corner. 4) Ortiz’ headbutt in the 4th round was flagrant, intentional and dirty. 5) While Mayweather’s knockout combination was legal and legit, a classy fighter wouldn’t have done it. 6) The referee, Joe Cortez, is incompetent and should be put out to pasture.

If I were the referee, I would have treated the knockout blow like a low blow and given Ortiz five minutes to recover. He was going to get knocked out anyway, but this way the fans would have gotten their money’s worth….

I would have immediately jumped in, said I was looking at the timekeeper and said it was my mistake Victor got cold cocked. Then, as stated before, I would have given Ortiz five minutes to recover and continue the fight….

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in charge….

Now it’s time for Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to finally sign a contract and get into the ring….

Pacman has agreed to nearly all of Floyd’s demands regarding blood teasting, so now the fight needs to happen….

Because if it never happens, Floyd will forever be remembered as ducking the toughest fight of his career….

Money can talk all he wants about his record and achievements speaking for themselves and he doesn’t need Pacquiao, but it’s bulls***….

Without a win over Manny, his career is tarnished and he’ll be called a coward….

The sad thing is i believe Mayweather would not only win against Pacquiao, he’d win easily and possibly knock him out. Pacman has never seen boxing skill, reflexes and athletic ability like this and will get exposed….

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to be proven correct….