As most of you know, I’m a fan of Mike Singletary and praised the organization for making him the full time coach. But after the Vikings game, when his conservative play calling cost them a huge road win against a Super Bowl caliber team, I sensed trouble brewing….

He seems obsessed with not turning the ball over, which is a good thing, but it also makes him ultra-conservative; which is a bad thing….

Firing offensive coordinator Mike Martz at the end of the 2008 season was a bold move, but now seems to have been a mistake. Sure, Martz’s philosophy the opposite of Singletary and Mike probably thought of him as a threat to his job; but Martz is an offensive guru and has always moved the ball and created exciting offenses…

Hell, he turned Jon Kitna into a Pro Bowler in Detroit….

Now the 49ers are 3-5, fading fast and will not make the playoffs after losing at home to the lowly titans. It’s time for the San Francisso bosses to fire offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye and force Singletary to bring in a Martz-like coordinator….

Otherwise it’s going to be a series of 8-8 seasons; running the ball, playing defense and not allowing the offense to make plays….

Interesting heavyweight title fight over the weekend, as Britain’s David Haye took the WBA belt from 7′ Russian Nicolai Valuev by majority decision. It was fascinating to see a guy a foot shorter and 100 lbs. lighter take it to the giant, but that’s what Haye did for most of the night….

The plodding Valuev used his long jab and made it close, but Haye was too quick and desreved to win….

With the heavyweight division in a shambles, almost nobody saw this fight and there’s probably nobody in America who has heard of Haye. It’s too bad, because he’s quite a character….

He’s very funny, does impersonations, seems friendly and a breath of fresh air for the sport. Haye is just what the division needs to bring back some life….

He’s also been insulting and calling out the Klitschkos for the past year; and now that he has a piece of the title he’s probably made himself a pile of money….

The problem is going to be a tremendous size disadvantage against either Klitschko. Sure, they aren’t as big as Valuev, but both of them are vastly superior to Nikolai. Haye is a former cruiserweight and will have to outbox and outquick the Klitschkos if he expects to win….

I don’t believe he can defeat either one of them, but it’s going to be fun watching the build up; with Haye clowning it up Muhammad Ali-style….

David was supposed to fight Vitali earlier this year and showed up at the press comference wearing a T-Shirt with the Klitschko brothers; both of them headless….

And Haye was on the shirt holding a weapon, the victorious conqueror….

And you have to give credit to Haye for bailing on the Vitali fight to challenge the easier Valuev; because he now owns a piece of th etitle and will get a much larger payday for a unification fight….

Let the fun begin and hopefully American fans will notice….


Remember a year ago, when 49ers coach Mike Nolan was fired and replaced by Hall-of-Fame linebacker Mike Singletary? As a lifelong fan, I loved the hiring of Singletary and believed it would give the team needed discipline and toughness….

But after his first game, I went from liking the hire to turning cartwheels….

Noticing that first round draft pick and multi-millionaire Vernon Davis was loafing, Singletary pulled him out of the game and then ordered him to the locker room. I’d seen players removed from games and berated by coaches, but witnessing a player actually sent to the showers in the middle of the game, in front of a sell out crowd, was a first….

I sat on my couch with a big smile on my face and thought to myself “God Bless Mike Singletary. This is just what that underachieving Davis needs and hopefully will bring the team together.”….

In the locker room after the game, the coach then dropped his pants to show the team what he thought of their performance….

Singletary was heavily criticized for both moves, but I was thrilled to see a coach setting the tone early that no nonsense would be tolerated….

After the game, the defense rallied around their new coach and called out Davis for loafing and being a prima donna. And Davis also defended his coach, saying he needed to play harder and give a better effort….

As for Singletary, he refused to apologize and said, “I want winners here and nothing less will be tolerated.” As tears welled in my eyes, I began work on my Mike Singletary statue for the front lawn….

The result was dramatic improvement and a late playoff run; which was remarkable considering the shocking lack of playmakers on offense….

This season, the team is off to a 2-0 start, with wins over division rivals Arizona and Seattle; which gives San Francisco an early leg up on the playoffs….

Realistically, the lack of a quarterback or playmaking receivers will be their downfall; but the future is bright and I expect a playoff appearance this season….

But who knows? Nobody in the NFC scares me and maybe Shaun Hill is better than I think….

When I heard that Lamar Odom was actually going to marry Khloe Kardashian, I couldn’t believe Lamar would actually go through with this. I’ve interviewed Odom many times over the years and was the first one to have him on the L.A. airwaves the night he was drafted by the Clippers….

I’ve always found him to be polite, thoughtful and smart, so I hope someone gets to him and convinces Lamar to run for the hills before the wedding….

I’ve seen the Kardashian sisters reality show a few times and in my opinion all of them are no-talent attention whores….

They also are not attractive, at least in my opinion. Kim is fat and Khloe is a Plain Jane….

Khloe also seems like a needy, pain in the ass and I give this marraige less than a year….

I hope Lamar gets a rock-solid pre-nup and holds onto his money….

I haven’t seen the weigh-in yet for Saturday night’s Heavyweight Championship fight at Staples center, but the word is Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola will come in around 250 lbs. If that’s true, I don’t like his chances against Vitali Klitschko….

Because Chris has the style to beat Klitschko, this should be an entertaining fight. Unlike most heavyweights, Chris throws over 100 punches a round and applirs pressure for all three minutes. He hits hard, is a tough guy and if he backs up Klitschko can knock him out….

The problem is Arreola lacks discipline, loves to party and always out-of-shape….

But if Chris has his weight down and has trained seriously, Vitali is in trouble and we could see the first Mexican=American Heavyweight Champion….

One thing is for sure; I will be there….

Can you imagine a heavyweight version of Oscar De La Hoya? He’d be able to print money….

After watching one terrorist and brutal dictator after another step in front of the audience at the United Nations summit in New York, I was hoping President Obama would take the mike, defend America and call out these serial killers for what they are. Instead, I saw appeasement, weakness and apologizing for the “mistakes” America has made….

Instead of acting like winston Churchill, Obama looks like the next Neville Chamberlain….

If I were the President, I would have Muammar Gaddafi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrested and sent to Guantanimo as soon as their plane hit the tarmac….

And by the way, I still have no idea what the President is talking about when he discusses health care and how he’s going to pay for it. It’s all sound bites, emotion and double talk; with no facts included….

Anyone out there skilled in translating Obama into something that makes sense?….