I’ll have to admit, I’ve always liked Floyd Mayweather. I’ve had him on my show several times over the years and always found him to be funny and articulate. He has a great sense of humor and always played along with my politically incorrect questions, so he was my kind of guy….

While it’s tough to stomach all the bulls*** I see on the 24/7 shows and the press conferences, I realize he’s trying to sell a fight and make some money….

Every time I’ve seen Floyd in Las Vegas, I’ve never seen him turn down an autograph or a picture, and he’s always been great with the fans….

So my experience with him has been positive….

I’m also one of the few who pick him to win against Manny Pacquiao and feel he’s going to deliver a boxing lesson to Pacman….

All that being said, it’s time for Floyd to stop the nonsense, sign a contract and make this fight happen….

Pacquiao has agreed to blood testing and also to be tested three days before the fight, so Mayweather’s excuses are done….

And if I were commissioner of boxing, he’d have 30 days to sign for the fight or get his license revoked….

Boxing desperately needs this fight, because we haven’t had a big one since Pacman-DeLaHoya a few years ago….

If this fight happens, it will be the biggest thing since……well, I’m having a difficult time remembering….

It’s all people will be talking about in the month leading up to the fight and the promotional tour figures to be unforgettable….

Now it’s up to Floyd to make it happen. We’re all waiting….

In the meantime, we have to go through a third Pacquiao-Marquez fight and a possible Mayweather-Amir Khan matchup before we get to the main event….

Again, this is where boxing needs a commissioner; to order the top fighters to face each other or suffer dire consequences….

And this goes for the Klitschkos, who would either fight each other or be stripped of their titles….

Wlad and Vitali are miles apart from any contender and need to fight to settle the heavyweight division. In no other sport would siblings be allowed to duck competition….

I know it’s a pipedream, but here’s my wishlist for boxing:

-A no-nonsense, honest commissioner who will match the best fighters against each other on a regular basis.

-A move back to the original eight weight classes, with one champion per division.

-Suspensions, heavy fines and revoked licenses for any top fighters who refuse to fight each other.

I can dream, can’t I?


Normally, I don’t like to see a fighter take unnecessary punishment and have always argued that boxing is a sport, not a fight….

Whenever I read another article from the AMA calling for the aboliton of boxing, I wonder why they don’t have the same opinion about football; which is far more dangerous and violent….

But Saturday night at Cowboys Stadium, I was pulling for Manny Pacquiao to lay an old fashioned beat down on Antonio Margarito….

Not anything life threatening or permanent; just an embarrassing ass whipping in front of millions….

And that’s exactly what happened; as Pacman battered, bruised, humiliated and beat down Margarito over 12 brutal rounds….

I’ve always been a fan of Margarito and supported him over the years; until it turned out he was using loaded gloves to achieve his success….

Before his fight with Shane Mosley, we learned he was Margacheato, not Margarito….

Thanks to Nazeem Richardson, Mosley’s trainer, plaster was found in the hand wraps of Margacheato….

Forced to fight without loaded gloves, probably for the first time in years, Margacheato was exposed as a slow, wide punching, easy to hit average fighter….

And easily knocked out by Shane in a one-sided fight….

After a one-year suspension and then an unimpressive, 12-round win against a no-name opponent, Margacheato was rewarded for his malfeasance with a $3M payday and a chance to win another World Championship….

And he got what he deserved, a one-sided beating….

And every time I began to feel sorry for him, I thought of Kermit Cintron and Miguel Cotto; two guys who endured brutal beatings from Margacheato; most likely because he had the same plaster in his gloves….

And what about the rest of his knockout victims, whose lives were literally in danger because of the plaster in Margacheato’s gloves?….

Any sympathy I felt for Margacheto was quickly replaced by images of Cintron and Cotto taking savage beatings….

I know Team Margacheato claims it was a one-time thing and Antonio says he knew nothing about the plaster; but anyone with common sense knows he was lying….

Without the loaded gloves he had no power against Mosley, that bum he fought in his comeback fight and Saturday night against Pacquiao….

Yes, I was disappointed and against him making a $3M payday as a reward for cheating; but what he did prior to the Pacquiao fight made me pray for Pacman to teach Margacheato a painful and humiliating lesson….

In case you haven’t heard, Margacheato was caught on video ridiculing Freddie Roach, one of the classiest and respetced people in the sport….

Unfortunately Freddie suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, but his ability to forge ahead and continue his brilliant career is an inspiration….

So when I saw Margacheato, laughing, contorting, yelling Freddie’s name and shaking his hands to imitate Roach, I was filled with anger I didn’t know I had….

I know this is saying something (after all, this is boxing), but that was the lowest, cruelest, most classless thing I’ve ever seen….

And not only was Margacheato ridiculing Freddie, some other fighter named Brandon Rios was doing the same; using the same cruel techniques but also adding exaggerated facial movements and head shaking….

All to the delight and amusement of everyone in Margacheato’s camp; who were laughing uproariously….

Let’s all remember Rios, as well, and hope for his demise….

The next day Robert Garcia, Margacheato’s trainer, lied through his teeth and claimed the taunting “had nothing to do with Freddie Roach’s Parkinson’s.”….

As anyone who witnessed that video can attest, Garcia is lying and should be ashamed of himself….

That was ridiculing a person with a terrible disease and laughing about it, pure and simple….

You’d think after getting another chance to make millions and fight for a World Championship, Margacheato would be on his best behavior and grateful for the opportunity….

Instead, he continued to insult our intellegence by claiming he did not know there was plaster in his hand wraps. Then, he cruelly ridicules a truly good man suffering from a life-threatening disease….

Hopefully we’ve seen the last of Antonio Margacheato….

And Floyd Mayweather will teach Pacquiao a boxing lesson and win easily….


Interesting to read that Oscar De La Hoya is suing his former promoter, Bob Arum, for what he claims are unpaid millions regarding Manny Pacquiao….

According to the Golden Boy, Arum hid money, cooked the books, shifted funds and pocketed money Oscar claims should be his….

A few years ago, De La Hoya allegedly picked up Pacman in a stretch limo and handed him a briefcase with over $1M and a contract to sign with Golden Boy Promotions….

The problem was Pacquiao was already under contract with Arum; but I guess when someone hands you a suitcase with $1M, you don’t ask questions….

And funny how Oscar, who claimed he was going to “clean up boxing,” was in the back of a limo attempting to bribe a fighter already signed with another promoter….

Don King would have been proud….

After Oscar’s shenanigans, Arum sued and the issue went to court. In the end, Arum won the case and kept Pacquiao; but Golden Boy won a small victory when the judge ruled his company was entitled to a small percentage of Pacquiao’s future fights….

And now Oscar is claiming Arum cheated him out of $3-$5M for Pacman’s fights against David Diaz, Miguel Cotto and Joshua Clottey….

Who knows what the truth is, but in my opinion there are two scenarios:

1) Arum, like King and every other promoter, hides millions after each promotion. He makes it seem as if the profits were miniscule, produces ridiculous expense sheets, lies about how much he paid the undercard fighters and works his magic with every penny. This goes on all the time and Golden Boy might indeed have a valid case.

2) With Oscar’s cash cow, Floyd Mayweather, facing jail time for domestic violence, Team De La Hoya is in a panic and wondering where their next payday will come from. Also, Mayweather recently met with King, who is doing everything in his power to steal the Pretty Boy from Golden Boy.

It could be either situation or a combination, but my hunch is #2….

After last Saturday night’s stinker between Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora at Staples Center, Team De La Hoya has to be concerned about the future. Their fighter, Mosley, looked every bit of his 39 years and was lucky to get a draw….

If I were Oscar, I’d get Mayweather signed to fight Pacquiao ASAP; otherwise Mayweather will be fighting for King and Golden Boy will take an enornous financial hit….

It sure looks to me like Golden Boy Promotions filed this lawsuit to generate some quick cash and are deathly afraid of Floyd signing with King….

As for the Pretty Boy going to jail, I don’t see it happening. He not only has the best attorneys money can buy, the woman accusing him has already admitted lying when she accused him of the same thing in 2003….

Sure, Mayweather might be guilty, but the girlfriend reminds me of the boy who cried wolf and why should we believe her this time?….

Arum says he’s not settling and will instead countersue for all the legal fees; which he claims will be in the millions….

This may tie up any chance for Pacquiao-Mayweather, which is what every boxing fan has dreamed of for years….

And with potentially $300M on the line, wouldn’t it be nice for De La Hoya to forget about all this nonsense and simply make the fight?

I guess that makes too much sense….


With reports that both fighters will make $60M, it’s hard to imagine why Floyd Mayweather allowed a deadline to pass to make a fight with Manny Pacquiao. From what I’ve read, Pacman has agreed to be urine tested, blood tested and examined extensively; so why won’t the Pretty Boy sign on the dotted line?….

It can’t be money, because a $60M payday would brek all boxing records. It doesn’t seem to be the drug testing issue, unless Floyd demands around the clock, 24/7 testing all the way up to fight time….

Could it be that Mayweather is so determined to be his own man and call the shots that he will not agree to any deadlines or demands? Or does he simply not want the fight?….

He knows this fight is what boxing needs and evidently is gambling he can stretch this thing all the way to 2011. The problem is neither one of these guys is getting any younger and Mayweather is playing a very dangerous game….

What if Manny loses to either Antonio Margarito or Miguel Cotto, who are rumored to be in line to replace Floyd? Both are dangerous and it will also be Pacman’s first fight at 154 lbs. A loss and Mayweather can kiss that $60M goodbye….

It’s funny how time changes things, because a year or two ago a Pacquiao-Margarito fight seemed inconceivable. The Tijuana Tornado had just knocked out Cotto and seemed like the strongest man on earth….

When I asked Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach if he’d allow Manny to fight Margarito, he replied “I’m brave, but not that brave.”….

Almost everyone in boxing believed Margarito would crush Pacman and the fight would never happen….

But after Antonio was caught cheating and then knocked out by Shane Mosley, everything changed dramatically. Margarito received a one year suspension for illegally placing plaster in his wraps and fell off the boxing map….

Now, then less than two years later, Pacquiao will be a heavy favorite if they fight….

This should be a lesson and Floyd to sign a contract, collect his $60M and make history. In my opinion, it will be an easy night for Mayweather and he’ll knock out Pacquiao in the late rounds….

The Pretty Boy is too quick, too slick and has too much boxing skill for Manny….

True, Pacquiao is a great fighter, but a look at his record shows no wins against world class, black American fighters. Almost everyone he fights (Barrera, Morales, Cotto, Clottey, etc) come forward and are easy to hit. He’s never seen the side-to-side movement, defense and hand speed Mayweather will display….

Hell, Juan Manuel Marquez gave Pacman two boxing lessons in their disputed fights and both Cotto and Clottey busted up his face….

Memo to Floyd Mayweather:

What if you’re correct about Pacquiao’s steroid use and the truth is revealed after the Cotto or Margarito fight? What if either you or Pacman suffers a career-threatening injury? What if Team Mayweather is on one of their notorious strip club adventures and some Pacman Jones trouble breaks out? What if Manny loses his next fight? What if the economy continues to tank and a year from now people simply cannot afford to buy Pacquiao-Mayweather? What if boxing fans simply lose patience with your stalling, the fight loses steam and interest wanes?

If any of this happens, your chance-of-a-lifetime payday is gone and you’ll be reduced to fighting second-rate fighters for chump change.

Remember the highly anticipated Lennox Lewis-Riddick Bowe heavyweight championship fight, which was supposed to happen around 15 years ago? After endless negotiating and posturing, Bowe called a press conference and threw his WBC Championship belt in a trash can. Both guys would have made $30M, but they threatened, stalled, delayed, fought over money and the fight never happened….

Bowe then slipped into oblivion after his two foul-plagued fights with Andrew Golota, battles with weight and family issues….

Lewis, on the other hand, became the gretaest heavyweight of his era and went on to fame and fortune. But looking back, I’m sure he wishes the Bowe fight happened; because would have won and earned the biggest payday of his career….

All of this should be a lesson to Floyd and his team. Sign the contract, do the fight and make your $60M. Things can change quickly and all this posturing could blow up in your face….

If just one thing goes wrong, your career could disintegrate overnight….

Tremendous win at the British Open for Louis Oosthuizen, as the young South African blitzed the field, finished at -16 and won by seven strokes….

But nobody should finish a major at -16, especially at legendary St. Andrews. This is not the Greater Greensboro or Palm Desert, it’s supposed to be one of the toughest courses in the world with the worst conditions….

Evidently, modern equipment and more athletic players have brought the course to its knees and it’s time for organizers to make some changes. Too many players were posting good scores and -16 is completely unacceptable. And 43 players finishing under par is also troubling….

Majors are supposed to be about the most challenging courses imagineable and par should be an excellent round. Instead, St. Andrews played more like your local public course….

Time to grow the grass, narrow the fairways, lengthen the holes and add more pot bunkers….

I watch majors to see the greatest players in the world struggling to make par, not play pitch-and-putt….


Watching Manny Pacquiao systematically take apart Miguel Cotto Saturday night was fascinating. I know Manny is the better fighter and was heavily favored, but just turn back the clock a year and remember how the “small” and “outgunned” Pacman, according to the “experts,” had no chance to win against Oscar De La Hoya….

Remember, Manny had just one fight at 135 lbs and was now moving all the way to 147 to challenge Oscar; who was expected to swat Pacquiao like a fly. The Golden Boy was heavily favored and I licked my chops at the prospect of loading up on Manny….

I picked Pacman to dominate the fight and win by knockout, for two reasons:

1) I was at the Home Depot Center for Oscar’s last fight, a struggle against journeyman Steve Forbes. Not only did the small, light-hitting Forbes hang in there with Oscar, he busted him up; bruising the Golden Boy’s face. Forbes lost the decision, but I knew Oscar was shot and would get destroyed by the next quality opponent he faced.

2) Yes, Manny was smaller than Oscar, but his move up in weight would take a lot less out of him than De La Hoya having to come down. Pacman was quicker, stronger, younger, in better shape and been fighting regularly. Oscar, on the other hand, was old, slow and a shadow of his former self. He also hadn’t been fighting and I knew from the Forbes fight he’d be an easy target. I went on the air, picked Pacquiao to win by a 10th round K.O. and begged my listeners to load up and make some money.

Manny then proceeded to knock Oscar out in the 8th round, after dispensing one of the worst beatings I’ve ever seen. De La Hoya was completely outclassed from the opening bell and a punching bag the rest of the fight….

One thing which impressed me about the Golden Boy that night was his willingness to absorb a savage beating and his ability to take a punch. Sure, his corner made him quit on his stool after Round Eight, but it was the proper and humane call. There was no reason to take further punishment and people who criticized De La Hoya were wrong….

I also believe Pacquiao would have beaten Oscar when both were in their primes. Certainly it would have been much more difficult to deal with a young De La Hoya, but Pacquiao is simply a better fighter. Even at Welterweight, Pacman hit harder, threw better combinations, possessed better hand speed and was much more disciplined in his training and personal life….

So it was no suprise that Pacquiao stopped Cotto Saturfay night….

But can you imagine people’s reaction had this fight been signed before Pacman fought Oscar? People wouldn’t have given Manny a chance and been criticizing Freddie Roach for accepting a fight with the much bigger Cotto….

Just a year later, Manny goes into the ring heavily favored and procees to destroy Miguel….

For the first four rounds, this was a great fight, with neither fighter giving an inch and both landing hard shots. Bert Sugar called the early rounds “another Hearns-Hagler” and he wasn’t too far off….

But from that point on, it was all Pacman. After giving Cotto a terrible beating in Round 9, Miguel’s corner wanted to stop the fight, but the strong-willed and courageous Puerto Rican would have none of it and walked out to take a further ass whipping….

By Round 12, Cotto was defenseless and referee Kenny Bayless mercifully stopped the fight….

All that’s left now, of course, is to match Pacquiao with Floyd Mayweather, who’s 40-0 and a great fighter. In my opinion, this fight will break the all-time PPV record and help bring boxing back to its rightful place as a major sport….

If you give fans the fights they want, boxing is healthy again….

So who wins Pacman-Pretty Boy? I know Floyd isn’t getting any younger and doesn’t fight enough, but I like Mayweather by unanimous decision. He has better boxing skill than Manny, is probably quicker and will dance circles around him all night….

Remember, Pacquiao has never faced a great, black fighter and will be in for a shock when he faces Floyd. Everyone Pacman has fought has come straight at him and been easy targets. Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez, David Diaz, De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Cotto are all slower than Manny and there to be hit….

Yes, Manny is very fast, but in there with those guys he’s going to look much quicker. Let’s see how he deals with a guy like Mayweather, who has incredible reflexes, hand speed and boxing skill….

Is Manny as fast as Floyd? No. Does he possess Mayweather’s boxing skill? No. Will he be able to walk through the Pretty Boy, impose his will and stop him? Maybe, but I don’t think so….

I think Floyd will move around the ring, pop Manny with combinations, move away and frustrate the hell out of him. Remember, Marquez outboxed Pacquiao over 24 rounds and many people thought Juan Manuel won both fights. So if Marquez can outbox Manny, what’s Mayweather going to do to him?….

I know I sound like a hater when I question boxing “experts” falling all over themselves praising Manny for his winning a “record” seven world championships in different weight classes, but we have to put it in perspective….

Sure, winning titles from Flyweight to Welterweight is remarkable and unprecedented. And getting stronger with each move up in weight is something unheard of. Nobody is questioning Pacquiao’s greatness, but in this era of multiple weight classes and sanctioing bodies it needs to be examined closely….

In reality, Manny could have titles in nine weight clesses, because he went straight from Flyweight to Super Bantamweight. Had he stopped at Super Flyweight and Bantamweight along the way, he would have easily picked up rwo more belts….

Without a doubt, what Henry Armstrong did was more impressive; holding the undisputed Featherweight, Lightweght and Welterweight world titles simultaneously. Since there were only eight weight classes back then, he held nearly 40% of the championship belts at the same time….

While holding all three belts, Armstrong came to Los Angeles to challenge Ceferino Garcia for the Middlewright Championship. Evidently the fix was in, as it was arranged the referee would be the only one scoring the fight. I have the tape of this match, which was sent to me by the two grandsons of Henry Armstrong….

Henry dominated the fight and won easily, but allegedly was told he needed to knock out Garcia to win. After the final bell, the referee walked over to Garcia, raised his hand and rushed out of the ring. It was absurd and Armstrong was robbed of the Middleweight Championship. Had the fight been honest, Henry would have won and held 50% of all the title belts….

Manny, on the other hand, has never been an undisputed champion in any weight class and three of his titles titles are in “Super” or “Junior” divisions, which shouldn’t exist and don’t count….

So while giving all credit to Manny for his great career, his titles in seven weight classes don’t compare to the old timers….

But he is the modern day Henry Armstrong, which is the highest compliment you can get….

Finally, as much interest as there will be in Pacquiao-Mayweather, neither is the best fighter in the Welterweight division. Paul Williams, the 6’2″ southpaw freak of nature, would beat either one of them and is the true champion. In a perfect and just world, the Punisher would be the one fighting Pacquiao or Mayweather; or at least be guaranteed to fight the winner….

But he’s not going to get either fight, for two reasons: 1) He’s too good amd 2) Nobody’s ever heard of him and it wouldn’t sell nearly as well as Pacman-Pretty Boy….

Unfortunately, Williams is going to be avoided like he has the swine flu….


This morning, I read all the “experts” predictions on the Lakers-Rockets series and only one is picked Houston to win. So here’s the question: Is this A) Simply a pick to look like a genius or B) An informed opinion based on the fact the Rockets legitimately have a chance to pull off the upset?….

My vote would be B….

While my pick is the Lakers in six, Houston certainly poses a threat and can win the series if Andrew Bynum continues his poor play and the Laker point guards can’t stay in front of Aaron Brooks….

Plus, the Rockets have two players who can effectively guard Kobe Bryant: Shane Battier and Ron Artest….

Finally, Yao Ming has improved greatly over his career and become a force on both ends of the floor. If he’s having his way with Bynum and the Lakers are forced to guard him with Pao Gasol, the Lakers could be going home early…..

In my opinion, the Lakers are deeper, more talented and have the game’s best finisher in Kobe…. Which hopefully will be the difference….

In the East, most of the attention will be on the Celtics-Magic series, which began last night. Despite the abscence of Kevin Garnett, I like Boston….

As good as Dwight Howard is, he’s a limited offensive player and can be slowed down by a team with a good defensive scheme. Sure, he’s a monster, but has no post moves, can’t make his free throws and needs the ball passed to him to be effective….

As for his teammates, they’re all soft jump shooters who will not like the physical stuff the Celtics will bring…. Celtics in seven….

Good to see Ricky Hatton lounging poolside at the MGM Grand on Sunday morning, just hours after he was brutally knocked out by Manny Pacquiao….

On Saturday night, I feared for his life as he lay motionless on the canvas for several minutes after taking a straight left flush on the jaw….

The next morning, however, he was poolside with a hot blonde in a black bikini, without a mark on his face…. Plus, he made a reported $12M for his trouble….

Sounds like a good deal to me….

Fighters rarely suffer permanent damage when knocked out early with one shot, as Hatton was Saturday night. The real damage comes when you take a prolonged beating over several rounds….

The frightening beating Oscar De La Hoya took from Pacquiao last year is what causes long term damage….

The Golden Boy showed an excellent chin and lots of courage in that fight…..

Maybe too much….

The word is that Oscar was having convulsions and throwing up in the hospital afterwards, which convinced him to retire and count his money….

I’d much rather get blown out early than take a horrendous beating for eight rounds….

By the way, it’s way too early to talk about Pacquiao-Mayweather in the fall, because the Pretty Boy has a very tough opponent on July 18th in Juan Manuel Marquez…

Marquez is a great fighter, who won the majority of the 24 rounds in his two fights with the Pacman…. He got a draw in the first fight and lost a controversial split decision in the rematch; which had boxing fans clamoring for a third meeting….

Our own Steve Kim, by the way, had Marquez winning both fights….

Yes, Marquez has to come up to 144 lbs. for the Mayweather fight, which will be 10 lbs. more than he’s ever weighed, but in his last fight he knocked out former lightweight champion Juan Diaz with a textbook uppercut and looked as good as ever….

There’s not a better pure boxer in the sport and Marquez throws combinations other fighters don’t even attempt….

If Pacquiao is the #1 ponnd-for-pound fighter in the world, Marquez is probably second….

I like Floyd to get on his bicycle and outbox the smaller JMM, but it will not be easy and he could lose….

To their credit, it’s a very smart move by Team Mayweather, because you simply cannot go into a fight with a wrecking machine like Pacquiao after a two year layoff. The Pretty Boy needs a tough fight to prepare for Manny, and Marquez is a perfect choice….

Because if he can’t beat a lightweight moving up two divisions, he’d get destroyed by Pacman….


I’ve been watching baseball for a long time, but have never seen what transpired Saturday night during the Angels-Dodgers game….
I’ve witnessed teams coming back from 10 run defecits, make huge ninth inning rallies and win games when down to their last strike; but never seen a team pitch a no-hitter and lose….
Unfortunately, that’s what happened to Los Angeles Saturday night, as Jered Weaver and the bullpen combined for a nine inning no-hitter against Brooklyn; only to lose 1-0….
As a lifelong Angels fan, this was the worst thing since the Game Five loss to the Red Sox in the 1986 ALCS….
Wow, just when it looked like the Halos had things going and were threatening to run away with the A.L. West, they get shut out twice in a row by the hated, carpetbagging freeloaders from Brooklyn. What’s next, the Dodgers and Raiders both win world championships? ….
If that happens, just point me to the nearest tall building and I’ll leap to my death….
Either that, or I’ll go back to L.A. County Jail and beg them to take me back…. 
I’ve been saying all season the Angels don’t have enough offense to get past the Red Sox and nothing this season has changed my mind. Yes, Torii Hunter is a nice addition and Vladimir Guerrero is heating up, but they still don’t have an answer for the Manny Ramirez-David Ortiz hammer….
Sure, the Halos are good enough to win their division and get to the ALCS, but that’s where it’s going to end unless they add a bat to match the Sox….
If I’m Arte Moreno, I’m not trading prospects or weakening my pitching staff; I’m putting in a call to Barry Bonds….
The other day, Barry said he’d be happy to play for the major league minimum, which is $390K. A day later, he said he’d donate his entire salary to charity, in order to “give kids a chance to see baseball.” Sounds good to me….
The fact Barry is willing to humble himself and take the minimum says to me he would not be a problem in the locker room. I can’t imagine him playing for free and then demanding his lazy boy chair, big screen plasma and half the room roped off to seperate himself from his teammates….
I like Hunter, Garrett Anderson and Casey Kotchman; but they don’t strike fear into the opposition. In the playoffs, nobody is going to pitch to Vlad because they’re crapping their pants over one of those guys….
But if Bonds is hitting behind Guerrero, the Red Sox will have no choice but to pitch to him. Ditto if the Halos hit Bonds in front of the Superfreak. With Vlad hitting behind Bonds, Barry will have his first opportunity in years to get pitches to hit….
I don’t want to hear anything about locker room problems, an overdcrowded outfield or Barry’s upcoming federal trial. I’m interested in winning, and without another bat the Angels will not go to the World Series….
If you can get the best player in baseball history for free, why the hell not?….
What a sensational performance by Manny Pacquaio on Saturday night, as he knocked out WBC lightweight champion David Diaz in nine rounds….
After absorbing a frightful beating, Diaz went down face first early in the ninth, giving the Pacman the lightweight title in his first fight at 135 lbs….
Forget about Manny losing any speed with the added weight, because he looked better and faster than ever. The hand speed was devastating, the power was frightening and Diaz was overwhelmed….
After the fight, Pacquaio said he felt stronger and more powerful than ever at lightweight, which means he could be moving up in weight again….
If he goes to 140, it sets up a fascinating matchup with British dynamo Ricky Hatton, who is a natural 140 pounder. A Pacman-Hitman matchup in England would break box office records and get a million pay-per-view buys. It would also be one great fight….
Hatton is too small for Welterweight, but moved up to challenge Floyd Mayweather several months ago. Ricky put up a gallant effort, but was predictably stopped in the 10th round. You can’t blame Hatton for taking the fight, because it was for huge money; but he’s much stronger at 140….
Which makes a fight with Manny so interesting….
Prediction: I have to go with the Pacman, who will have enormous advantages in hand speed, power and boxing ability. Look for the Hitman to get stopped in the middle rounds….
After that, who knows? There’s been talk of Pacquaio fighting Oscar DeLaHoya at 147, but it seems the Golden Boy is going to fight Miguel Cotto first, on December 6th. If Oscar can somehow win, what a titanic matchup DeLaHoya-Pacquaio would be….
Another gigantic matchup could be Pacman against Mayweather, which would break the all-time pay-per-view record….
Whatever the future holds, Pacquaio was spectacular Saturday night and moves to the top of the pound-for-pound list….
Years ago, Manny began as a 106 lb. Jr. Flyweight and then won a world title in the 112 lb. Flyweight division. Since then, he’s won championships all the way to 135 and probably will win a few more….
I know championships don’t mean as much any more, with all the divisions and alphabet soup organizations; but what he’s done is still a remarkable accomplishment….
Usually, a fighter loses some power as he moves up in weight, but Manny seems to get stronger with each additional weight class….