Thursday night was a great example of why I would not make the Andrew Bynum for Chris Bosh deal….

Sure, Bosh is an All-Star and the better player, but when Pau Gasol has to play center the Lakers are simply not going to beat physical teams like the Celtics or Cavs….

Bynum was in foul trouble, which limited him to seven points and eight rebounds in 27 minutes. But it was obvious how much the Lakers need him in the pivot to win another championship….

In the 2008 Finals against Boston, when Bynum was out with an injury, Gasol was manhandled by the Celtics physical front line and disappeared. He was soft, weak and pushed all over the court….

Last night against Cleveland, with Andrew on the bench, Gasol had to guard Shaq; who proceeded to back him down and score at will….

After one easy basket, commentator Reggie Miller shouted, “Come on, Pau, lift some weights and man up. That’s too easy.”….

As good a front line as Bosh, Gasol and Lamar Odom would be, they’re far too soft to win a championship….

Gasol is not a center and too soft to contend with the big guys in the post….

That being said, Bynum has to play better. He has a disturbing habit of loafing and needs to play hard all the time; especially on the boards….

I’d also like to see the Lakers make a trade for a point guard, because Derek Fisher has been horrendous this season. In fact, he might be the worst starting PG in the NBA….

He’s shooting 37%, can’t guard anybody and is by the far the worst finisher in the NBA on drives to the basket….

Whenever he goes to the hoop, one of three things happen: 1) His shot is blocked 2) He misses badly or 3) He turns the ball over….

And then he fakes like he was hit, lays on the floor and yells for a foul while the opponent gets a fast break and easy basket….

I’d love to see a stat on what his shooting percentage is when he puts it on the floor and drives….

It has to be less than 10%….

Phil Jackson needs to tell him to do what he does best: Stand behind the three point line and shoot open set shots….

Any time he puts the ball on the floor and attempts to create should result in Derek getting a seat on the bench….

I can’t stop laughing about Tiger Woods allegedly checking into a sex addiction center….

This is purely a PR move, done to generate sympathy and try and convince people he has a disease….

I believe I speak for men everywhere when I say there is no such thing as sexual addiction. Tiger was simply doing what any man in his situation would do; bang an endless supply of pretty girls dying to be with him….

Chris Rock once said “A man is only as faithful as his options” and no truer words were ever spoken….

It’s easy to stay faithful if you’re not handsome, don’t have any money and work in a dead end job. It’s quite a different story if you’re young, rich, handsome and world famous….

Let he among us without sin cast the first stone at Tiger….

But to claim he needs rehab because he likes to have sex with pretty girls is absurd….

We men are all addicted to sex; the problem is we can’t convince hundreds of beautiful women to play along….

I don’t know much about new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, but so far I like what I see. To defeat a Democrat in that state, especially when running for Ted Kennedy’s seat, was something considered impossible….

His best moment was his closing line: “I want to spend money on weapons to defeat terrorists, not on lawyers to defend them.”….

That’s a grand slam….

In just a year, Barack Obama has gone from someone riding an immense wave of popularity to becoming the kiss of death….

In the past few months, he’s gone to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts to campaign for the Democratic candidate and gone 0-3….

Not only did he not deliver a win, his candidates all took nose dives immediately after the President’s endorsement….

In my opinion, it all boils down to Obama refusing to listen to the will of the people. The latest poll has only 36% of Americans approving his health care reform, yet he continues to try and ram it down our throats….

Tuesday night was a chance for the people of Massachusetts, probably the most liberal state in the union, to show the President just how angry Americans have become….

If the President is a pragmatic man, which I don’t believe he is, he’ll forget about health care until after the November mid-term elections. But if he stubbornly goes ahead with this health care fiasco, it’s going to be a Democratic blood-letting come November….

Hopefully California Senator Barbara Boxer is next on the chopping block….

What hasn’t been getting a lot of press is the next item on the President’s agenda, scheduled to go into motion after health care: Amnesty for illegal aliens….

If Obama thinks people are angry about state run health care, wait until he sees the reaction to amnesty….

He’ll be a one-term President and make Jimmy Carter look like a tremendous success….